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Some Basic Real Estate Tips


So, you are wanting to sell your house and have hired an experienced agent, one who knows your neighbourhood and has a track record of success. They should have the expertise to sell, negotiate, and close the deal. Yet you've got to be onside. If you do not get into the process, it will take more time for your house to sell. And it can be fun to work with your agent. If this "project" is successful it will bring you a profitable result! Your presence would take only minutes a day after the initial prep part of the process. alternatively, you may have decided to sell it for sale by owner. Many of the steps required in terms of preparing your house to sell with still be the same.


Get it Ready


It's your house or condo but it's becoming a marketing tool now. Clean the cupboards, the garage, maybe rent a storage locker to store all the extra furniture, junk in the basement, etc. Get the small repairs you put off doing, cleaning the windows, cleaning the carpets, painting rooms that need it, touching the exterior trim.


Throw magazines back. Get new bath-mats and put the best towels out. Depersonalize the house: no family pictures at the fridge entrance, and put away the toys. Beautify with plants and maybe get the front porch with a new urn or two to represent the time of year. Grass cut, trimmed hedges, etc. If you have no interest in doing all of this talk of getting the house professionally staged for your company, employ a gardener to manage the grounds, etc.


Deciding the price for the listing


Pricing is all and makes sure you have an agent who knows the market, your neighborhood's recent sales, and your street in particular. Your agent may bring along a few other evaluation agents and that is often a good idea. You and your agent will explore a possible price range and how to get that done. Should there be any offers or offers for the holdback? Which marketing strategy is best?


Give free rein to your Agent Re: Marketing

Your agent is going to want to make an open house for agents, and maybe lunch. These are both good ideas to get agents inside the house. A sign on "For Sale" is a must. Agree to open weekend houses to the public. If you do hold back offers, discuss having a home inspection pre-listed.

Your agent would also say that leaving the house for shows is better for you because half-hour shows can quickly turn into an hour so don't hurry back. This is a significant buyer purchase decision and you want to give them time to look at everything in the house!


Keep the House at its best


You will receive telephone notice regarding showings from the agent's office and your agent will go over the daily time set aside for shows with you. This will of course be a bit different if you are selling it with for sale by owner instead and not with an agent. Every show counts and with the overhead lights on, you should leave the house neat and tidy, every day. If no shows have been booked for that day, then leave the lights on before you leave for work. It's a long day and can book shows later. Remember, it is still your home but it's now a "model suite" for selling purposes!


Hear The Market


Fair market value is what an unpressed buyer would pay for a property that has had reasonable market exposure to a knowledgeable and unpressured seller. When selling the property the price is a well-educated value calculation. However, if you get resistance to your price and it doesn't sell for your neighbourhood in a standard period of time, it might be prudent to take a discount.


Discuss with your agent over this. Now you can take a discount, or when an offer comes in. But a timely reduction sometimes results in a renewed interest in the property and two offers, if you're lucky!